Anna Pirozzi is Amelia in Giuseppe Verdi’s A Masked Ball at the Teatro del Liceu in Barcelona. Amelia is secretly in love with Riccardo, Earl of Warwick and governor of Boston, wife of his friend and secretary Renato. Renato will decide to condemn Amelia to death, to wash away the shame: however, he allows her to hug her son again for the last time. Left alone, he reflects and understands that it is not Amelia who has to die but Riccardo who has betrayed the ancient friendship. Amelia and Riccardo meet at the ball. The woman begs him to save himself. All in vain: Renato arrives and hits the governor to death. Before dying, the man reveals to his friend that Amelia is pure and that he intended to renounce her forever.

Performances: February 2024
Fryday 9           at 7.30 pm
Sunday 11         at 5.00 pm
Wednesday 14 at 7.30 pm
Saturday 17     at 6.00 pm
Tuesday 20     at 7.30 pmInfo&tickets:


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