Anna Pirozzi debuts Elisabetta di Valois role in Don Carlos by Giuseppe Verdi . Opera in four acts (1867/1884), text by François Joseph Méry and Camille du Locle after Friedrich von Schiller. One of the most difficult and elaborate works in Verdi’s entire creative career, Don Carlos still offers food for discussion and even controversy today, above all due to the two versions staged by the author, one in five acts for the Paris Opera – therefore compliant to the spectacular customs of French grand opera -, the other in four, with sensitive and painful cuts, for the Italian stages. Critics and performers are divided in their support for one or the other score, but certainly the four-act edition in Italian has so far enjoyed wide preference, also due to its greater synthesis and fewer difficulties in staging . Thanks to the recent critical edition, established by Ursula Günther and published by Ricordi, the abundant quantity of music (eight pieces) that Verdi himself had to suppress before the Paris première has also been documented: some of these pages were re-presented in La Scala edition of 1977 directed by Claudio Abbado, but in Italian. Subsequently Abbado himself, with the artistic masses of the Teatro alla Scala, recorded the five-act version in French on record, leaving in the appendix the parts suppressed by Verdi and the grand ballet of La Peregrina. This is, to date, the most complete edition known of Don Carlos. However, the further version prepared by Verdi in 1886, in five acts like the original one, but in Italian and without the dance numbers, is now also widely widespread in theatrical practice.
Teatro Comunale of Modena –              November  3 at 20.00
5 at 15.30

Teatro Municipale of Piacenza –           November 10 at 20.00
12 at 15.30
Teatro Municipale of Reggio Emilia – November 17 at 20.00
19 at 15.30



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