“we were lucky enough to find the unexpected Anna Pirozzi as the protagonist”.

If already reading the poster one is reassured by reading the name, constantly on the rise in recent years, it also happens that after a good first act, sung with as much skill as caution, starting from the second both the personality and the important soprano instrument have the wing flap and then, right from the soft laces (and so much softness in such a structured vocality is anything but obvious) and constantly until the death of Manon, the evening turns to the unforgettable, because of the regret for the absence of Gheorghiu not even a faint memory remains. While knowing how to bend a voice of considerable tonnage in moments of greater sweetness and without sacrificing the adolescent figure of the character, Pirozzi, with amazing ease, both in the centers and in the high notes, passes the Orchestra arranged in the stalls even when it lingers in detail “


Palermo, Manon Lescaut, 21/10/2020

L’ape musicale

Giuseppe Guggino



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